• Supervised, no-pressure environment
  • Hone skills from beginners to advanced
  • Certified NRA Range Safety Officers
  • Certified NRA instructors
  • Firearms available for new shooters
  • Great camraderie on the shooting line

Guest Speakers

Noshing & Networking

Our mission is to provide the Jewish community and others a comfortable, supervised, no-pressure environment to experience the satisfaction and pleasure of learning to shoot a gun and to hone shooting skills.

Noshing, Networking, and Shooting Club

  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Experts
  • Educators
  • Military Figures
  • Religious Scholars
  • Self-Defense / Tactical Trainers
  • Exceptional food choices
  • Delicious bagels
  • Kosher options
  • Friendly participants
  • Vendor showcase of products and services
  • Gear samples and giveaways

"A friend of mine told me about Bullets & Bagels just after I purchased my first pistol.  I couldn't wait to join and practice my new skill with my friends.  Since I've been a member I've learned so much from the instructors to other participants."

—€” Shirley R.

"What a great community of Jewish and non-Jewish shooters!  There's something for everyone, from improving your aim to cooling off with a gelato ice cream after shooting lead down range."

—€” Zvi S.